6 typical wedding superstitions

The new bride at her wedding looks like her cleavage cage.
Wedding events are significant events that cause excitement as well as happiness for most people. But what about people who are extremely superstitious? What are some of the common superstitious beliefs associated with marriage, and should you pay attention to them or ignore them altogether? Although there are indeed numerous practices and predictions about great or misfortunes bordering on wedding celebrations, here are some of the most typical and their origins. You will need to choose for yourself whether you want to follow them or leave them behind!

It is unfortunate to use a married name or monogram before the wedding day. If you or your interlocutor are likely to change your last name when you get married, just know that there is a prejudice against using your married name before the real wedding. It is said that using your name or initials before an official adjustment is an attractive fate that will not actually take place. Numerous couples will be waiting to make items with brand new names or monograms, so although, for the record, there is no evidence that this practice is in any way accurate!

2. Good luck seeing each other before the event
Bride and groom

It’s a superstitious notion that everyone learns about – one that many people still follow. But where does this come from? In fact, this is happening back in the day when marriages were, in fact, commercial transactions, and they were concluded by family members in advance. As many couples did not really understand each other and also never saw each other before their wedding day, it was said that they were unlucky to perform them until the ceremony itself, in case they changed their minds and also ran away or interrupted the wedding celebration. (This is also considered one of the reasons women wore cloaks covering their faces – also less time to fully see each other and also change their minds!) Nowadays, many couples are still firmly convinced that it is unlucky not to see each other before walking down the aisle, although they eventually become more visible to get rid of this superstition completely and get an “Initial look” in which the couple sees each other for the first time separately before the event, usually taking a few photos. It’s a superstitious notion that you need to weigh up and also choose the perfect one for yourself.

3. Good luck crying at your wedding
Many couples currently expect their wedding to be a bit emotional for them; after all, it’s an amazing day! Fortunately, crying on the wedding day takes into account all the best! Traditionally, if the bride-to-be’s shed breaks up on her special day, it is symbolic that she “cries out all her crying” on the day she has no twine left for her marriage, implying that it will certainly be more than happy as well as completely tear-free! So if you haven’t planned it yet, grab a waterproof mascara and also let happy tears circulate.

4. It is best to use something old, new, borrowed as well as blue.
The bride-to-be holding a composition with blue flowers, as well as the groom wearing a blue suit.
This superstition, unlike many others, has to do with all the best, not rotten luck. It is believed that it is best for a bride to wear all things from the old line “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” and also, depending on who you ask, they can add “and a silver sixpence in her shoes” too! Each element of this expression has a separate meaning. It is pointed out that “something old” means a constant positive connection with family members of the couple of origin, as well as when they start a new family together. “Something new” is a representation of health and well-being as well as joy for the whole new couple Union. “Something borrowed” is a sign of love and support for a marital relationship from someone in the bride’s family. And “something blue” represents addiction and fidelity in a relationship. The added line “like the silver six in her shoes” is not always included along with the typical four, but is essentially about putting a coin in your shoes designed to bring good luck to the bride.

5. It’s all the best to take the bride beyond
This may look like both a delightful and a fun way to start your first night of family life, but in fact this tradition comes from a medieval superstition that a new bride being even more prone to evil spirits at her wedding – especially those who may try to get to her from the soles of her feet-should be brought to your home so as not to bring those spirits to their brand new home with her. Another interpretation of this superstitious idea, which appeared later, was that it would bring misfortune to the marital relationship if the new bride stumbled or fell at the entrance to her married residence for the first time – hence the groom must bring her inside. Whatever this practice is clearly not a superstition to worry about, although it can certainly be fun if you and your partner want to do it!

6.Wedding signs related to wedding rings:

Wedding rings must be smooth (timeless), not pretentious, with stones, notches-then the life of couples will be smooth.
The loss of the wedding ring – the collapse of marriage, separation.
To leave to try on a wedding ring-an unfortunate fate.
After the couple exchanged rings, the bride should not take an empty box. This should be offered to a young girl attending a wedding celebration. According to the current belief, the one who takes the parcel from under the ring for the wedding celebration, will marry the next.
If you want the ring to be decorated with stone, keep in mind: passionate love in ruby style, emerald-delicate as well as diamond.

So, here it is, some of the most common wedding superstitions that are still observed. Are you counting on any of them? Are you ready to follow or prevent any of these things for your wedding celebration? Let us know in the comments below!